Happiness : The Most Important Values Of Happiness

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What is happiness? This question has no single answer. There have been numerous articles and books published that researched what happiness is and how to achieve it, all with different findings and variations. I have condensed my findings from multiple articles in this paper.
There are many facets contributing to one's happiness. I believe that some of the most important values are hard work and dedication, relationships and family, gratitude and finally, acceptance of others.

Hard work and Dedication. Hard work and dedication can get you to where you want to go in life. If one takes things for granted, they will not go anywhere in life. But if you work hard and dedicate oneself to a cause, you can succeed. In the article “Brainology” …show more content…

Before you can be grateful, you have to accept life the way it is with all its imperfections.

Acceptance of others. If people were able to accept one another as they were, everyone would be happier. They would not have to put energy into putting each other down. In “Religion for Everyone” by Alain De Botton, she emphasizes that everyone can stand to have a small amount of religion in their life. Even if it is just upholding some of the values of a religion. “Even if we believe very little of what they tell us . . . we can nevertheless admire their understanding of what separates us from strangers” (2). Despite someone's differences, one can still admire, or at the least not put down, another's beliefs. The world would be a happier place. We could put that energy from hate into something more useful. When we love someone we accept their flaws and faults. If we were able to do that for perfectly good strangers, we would be able to connect and have better relationships.

Relationships and Family. An important factor in happiness is having healthy relationships. Claudia Wallis wrote an article called, “The New Science of Happiness.” In this article she examines happiness, what it is and how to obtain it. One thing that she mentions is how relationships can affect your mood. “Almost every person feels happier when they’re with other people” (7). A person can have one or two close friends or have a whole platoon of them, but it has

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