Essay on Happy Duanwu Festival!

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It was a swelteringly hot Wednesday morning during June school holidays last year. Mother was reading the newspaper while Grandmother was preparing to go to the market. I sat on my chair with the fan blowing against my face while reading a book. Despite my best efforts to seek respite from the heat, beads of perspiration were trickling down my forehead. “This must be how hell feels like,” I thought. At this moment, my handphone vibrated on the table next to me. I instinctively grabbed it and read the message, “Happy Duanwu Festival!”
“It’s Duanwu Festival? What’s that?” I asked aloud.
Mother put down the newspapers and explained, “The Duanwu Festival is an annual festival that commemorates a patriotic Chinese statesman and poet named Qu …show more content…

I never knew there was so much care in choosing bamboo leaves!
Grandmother and I carried the heavy groceries back home. Heaving the groceries in the blazing hot sun was no easy feat. Both of us huffed and puffed as we made our way.
In contrast to my earlier bemoaning, it was a welcome relief to reach home. I took a quick refreshing shower before going to the kitchen to prepare the zongzi. By then, Grandmother and mother were already hard at work in the kitchen. Grandmother told me to soak the glutinous rice, bamboo leaves, Chinese mushrooms and chestnuts separately in water. Concurrently, Mother taught me how to chop the garlic and onion into fine pieces. Grandmother separated the salted duck egg yolk from egg white. After an hour, she took the glutinous rice to cook with garlic and onion. While Grandmother stir-fried the contents in a wok, I added five-spice powder, salt and pepper to bring out the flavour. Grandmother continuously stirred the food, attentively making sure none of the glutinous rice stuck to the wok. In the meantime, Mother stewed pork and the Chinese mushroom in oyster sauce.
When the ingredients were ready, the whole kitchen was filled with heavenly smells. I was brimming with excitement as I could not wait to start wrapping. “Hey, let’s have a friendly competition to see who can wrap the most zongzi!” I suggested. Both

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