Harold Shipman's Personality

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Harold Shipman Throughout a troubled childhood, Harold Shipman established a big-headed and egotistical attitude that eventually developed into a much larger problem of taking lives to fell in power.
How one is raised from a young age can have a huge impact on their actions as an adult. When the behaviors that they are taught are malevolent and immoral, they transfer into their life as they mature. This seems to have been the case for Harold Shipman. He was born into a middle class family of five in Nottingham; however, his household was not quite normal (“Harold Shipman”). Harold’s mother always favored him more than his siblings and taught him during his childhood that he was superior to all others (Darwin). This prompted him to develop an egotistical and sarcastic attitude towards many of his schoolmates and figures of authority (Darwin). A little while later in his life, when he was seventeen to be exact, his mother became very ill. She was constantly in pain and agony. The doctors eventually gave large amounts of morphine to ease the discomfort and she soon passed away (Batty). Harold’s mother dying could have been the trigger that lead to a life of murdering and his incessant need for control. After graduating high school, Harold wished to expand his education. He applied and was accepted at Leeds University Medical School (Darwin). However, the stress and fierce completion of his schooling monumentally affected him. Because of this pressure to succeed, Harold

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