Essay on Harrah's Business Plan

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Through exceptional data asset leveraging in the service sector and aggressive acquisitions of their competition Harrah's Entertainment, Inc has made itself the world's largest provider of branded casino entertainment. Harrah’s CEO Gary Loveman is a former operations professor who has used information technology to create what people consider the most effective marketing organization in the service industry. Harrah’s operates fifty-three casinos, employing more that eighty five thousand workers on five continents. The secret to Harrah’s success is data. Through Harrah’s total reward card program the firm is able to collect information on almost every interaction made at their properties. Even though the program is optional, members enjoy …show more content…

History has shown that technology has been a lucrative investment for Harrah’s, and is definitely an avenue we should continue to pursue. Second Harrah’s should make their services more accessible. Great customer service is making clients feel as though the company cares about how they feel, but also providing the added convenience that makes the overall experience easier and therefore more enjoyable. According to the International Telecommunication Union, the number of cell phone users reached 4.6 billion at the end of 2009, and was projected to hit 5 billion users sometime in 2010. Just about, everyone in the world owns a cell phone so developing a mobile strategy would be advantageous for the business. Harrah’s present strategy is to use the firms CRM to monitor customer behavior, and follow up with clients by sending a letter or having a representative make a phone call. Letters take time to travel through the mail, and phone contact can be just as limited. This allows for a greater chance of promotions not reaching the customers in time therefore reducing the chance of earning a profit. A better method would be to develop a mobile application that would provide instant communication about entertainment, dining, and special events at the casino. It can also tie into the total rewards

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