Harrods of London

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Harrods of London is one of the largest and most prestigious retail stores in the world, situated in England. Over the past 163 years, Harrods has built a high-end, top of the line reputation for itself. Nowadays, there can be up to 100,000 customers a day at peak times. To deal with these customers Harrods has a significant workforce of approximately 5,000 employees with up to 86 different nationalities. (Be Harrods, 2014)

Since Harrods has opened up a vacancy on their official website, around 100 people from more than 50 countries have sent emails to apply for the position “Retail Manager Cristal & Silver” during one week. Consultants of Harrods are responsible for assisting the recruitment team to recruit 1 candidate from the 100 applicants who have applied for the vacancy for the retail manager position. (Developing a career path in retail, 2012)

This report will specify the methods used for the selection process, the important aspects that have to be considered, the criteria’s and the total estimated costs that will be made within the process to select the best candidate.

Recruitment process
Recruitment is a core part of Human Resource Management. It is the process of finding, screening and selecting the most qualified candidates that matches with the organization’s goal and management requirements. (Australian Human Resources Institute, 2014) Thus, it can be seen that recruitment and selection are an essential part of Harrods, because that

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