Staffing an Organization Essay

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Human Resource Management
Staffing the Organization
Bryant Cozart
University of Maryland University College

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Human Resource Management 3
Staffing 3
Job Analysis 3
Questionnaires 4
Interviews 4
Observation 4
Diary/Log 5
Recruitment 5
Internal Recruiting 6
External Recruiting 7
Web-based Recruiting 8
Selection 8
Interviewing 9

Human Resource Management
Staffing the Organization Human Resource Management is designing management systems to ensure that human talent is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish organizational goals (Mathis & Jackson, 2008). To that end, Human Resource
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Conversely, the disadvantage of this method is that the presence of an observer may affect the employee causing them to alter their normal work behavior. The last method of conducting a job analysis is keeping a diary or log. To determine the validity of this method, employees must keep a comprehensive record of their activities. This method sometimes generates useful information, but can be burdensome for employees. No matter what method is used to conduct a job analysis, its primary purpose is to capture a clear understanding of what is done on a job and what capabilities are needed to do it as designed (Mathis & Jackson, 2008). The next area of discussion of human resource management staffing is recruitment. Recruitment is the process of attracting people who might make a contribution to the organization. It is often stimulated when an existing employee leaves an organization or when the organization is expanding. So recruiting can be defined as the process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs (Mathis & Jackson, 2008). It is important that human resource managers understand labor markets. Labor markets are the external supply pool from which employers attract employees. Within the labor market, the labor force population and applicant population are derived. The labor force population is made up of all the individuals that may be reached using different recruiting methods. Recruiting
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