Harry Hopkins Contributions

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This paper will explore three important aspects that Harry Hopkins achieved in this social work career. Fist the path he took in working within the social work field, second the contributions he made and lastly how his work could inform individuals working in the practice of a social worker. Utilizing eight different articles, this paper will explore the life of Harry Hopkins and how he had an account of the impact on public policies here in the United States, and how no other social worker has had the influence in changing the direction of American social policy.
Keywords: paths, contributions, inform the social work now Social Work and Social Change
In the year 1926, Harry Hopkins, who was the Director of the New York Tuberculosis Society, who would go on to be one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s closest advisors and became a designer of the New Deal. Harry Hopkins wrote, “The field of social work and public health are inseparable, and not artificial boundaries can separate them. Social work is interwoven in the whole fabric of the public health movement, and has directly influenced it at every point” (Hopkins, 1926). A review of social work’s past and current efforts can highlight its contemporary value. Hopkins believed that there was a creative understanding in face-to-face relationships. The immediate problems of this Association of social workers explain Kurzman (1977) is to bring together social work and public administration. When Harry Hopkins

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