Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Essay

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Written By Cameron Franklin Cameron R. Franklin 2337 Timberline dr, Fort worth TX, 76119 817-350-7058 hfgfranklin17@yahoo.com I am going to use the story Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire What if there was a dark wizard who orchestrated for himself to be resurrected to return and seek revenge on a 14 year old wizard who he’d attempted to kill in the past but failed, so he sneaks and undercover wizard into Hogwarts to bring the boy to him? Int. A room - At night An old man lights his oven to prepare dinner. Across the way he recognizes a light on in a house across from his. He quits what he’s doing and heads for the house. Ext. Darkness - outside The old man makes his way towards the house with his lantern. He reaches the house and opens the door to see nothing but darkness. He makes his way up the stairs as he hears voices coming from the room with the light on. The old man arrives at the door and listens to the conversation. Wormtail Oh my Lord Voldemort, i was merely suggesting us go about this without the boy. Voldemort No! We need the boy. It cannot be done without him so do as i say. Mystery Man I won’t fail you my lord. Voldemort Good. First, gather our old allies. Send them the sign. A snake slithers past the old man outside the door and into the room. Voldemort Nagini says
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