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When it comes to preparing a professional C.V., we all want to provide an informative, impressive profile, but what you do and don't decide to divulge about yourself, your details, education and work experience can be a fine balance which is essential to get right. Remember that a C.V. is in itself a sales pitch, and forms a vital initial impression (be it on paper and not in person) with any potential employer, so it's important to only feature aspects which cast a positive light on your application. Here's a quick guide to the Do's and Don't's of C.V. tailoring! Personal Information There's a sufficient amount of personal information required on a C.V. Name and contact details (of course!), along with an address are all perfunctory and expected. However, a photo (unless requested), marital status, political views and any other similar information is both unnecessary and redundant, and may even be open to prejudice by the potential employer. Also, if your email address is something along the lines of, you might want to consider changing it to something a little more formal and professional. CV Layout …show more content…

ideas. These range from graphic designers outlining their C.V. in the form of a restaurant menu, to a Snapchat applicant compiling her entire C.V. on a reel of Snapchat videos. However, in the financial environment, a more traditional and conventional approach would be advised. Ensure that the font is clear, concise and contrasts well with the background, and break larger sections of content into smaller paragraphs that are more legible for the reader. Remember that the vast majority of C.V'.s will only be scanned superficially on first view, so the more you can accommodate the reader with well laid out text, the

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