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Tutorial Hunt After reading a few articles, I noticed that all have mentioned that when writing a resume, a person should always use a black colored font rather than a colored font, avoid having pictures and graphics and most importantly keep it consistent with the font and spacing. Using too many font styles such as bolding, italicizing, underlining, bulleted lists will make the resume look unprofessional, therefore should be at a minimum. Moreover, proofreading the resume is a must to avoid any grammar and spelling errors. The header of the resume should be your name, and it should stand out by making it bold, centered and be in a larger font so the employer can remember your suggests using just one or two lines for contact information, rather than having a separate line for each item in order to save space. The site states…show more content…
However, a student should begin with their educational background then follow it up with any related academic projects that they did. The student may add any relevant coursework they took that provided useful material for the position. The addresses that a student should also add any volunteer work they did, and format it to help the recruiter understand the valuable experience that should be evaluated when considering the student for the job. According to my mother, who works in the HR department as a recruiter, a person should always take their time when writing a resume to avoid any mistakes and should choose their word choice wisely since they will only have 30 seconds to promote themself. My mother told me to make my resume a page long unless I have more than 10 years experience. In addition to that, my mother advised me to list my skills such as languages I speak or any applications and programs I know how to use such as AutoCAD and Microsoft at the bottom of my

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