Swot Analysis Of Cole Haan

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Cole Haan Consumer Engagement in Digital Channels
Formed by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan in 1928, the company began life as a men's footwear brand that later expanded selling children's, women's, accessories and outerwear products (Raugust, 2002; "History of Cole Haan", 2016; Cole Haan Brand Sheet, 2017). The all-American lifestyle brand prides on quality, craftsmanship and vision. Cole Haan delivers functional but stylish products by crafting traditional and modern innovation ("Cole Haan Confidential", 2016; Cole Haan Brand Sheet, 2017).
Target Market
Cole Haan is a luxury brand that mainly caters to American men and women ages 30 and above. Most of the market being generation Xers are well established in their careers bringing home incomes of the upper middle and upper …show more content…

They apply both digital and non-digital approaches to best reach their customers as well as attract potential customers. With every new advancement of social media and technology, the company follows behind to stay in trend with their target …show more content…

The non-digital approach that Cole Haan uses are the classic banners and by mail. While this is a non-digital way of marketing, it helps to reach consumers with a more traditional approach. The pros of this marketing strategy is that it is able to reach customers who respond to more traditional advertising (Lamb, 2012). The cons of this strategy is that it is also an outdated marketing technique. Banners and mail are traditional forms of marketing that nowadays only influence a small number of consumers. Not everyone pays attention to banners or even take the time to look at mail from retail companies. In addition, the non-digital approach is expensive and takes more time to design and promote. This technological era is moving forward from traditional marketing to digital. It is a more cost efficient tool that has the ability to reach and target more

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