Hat In Time: Movie Analysis: A Hat In Time

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Hat Girl, an adorable tophat wearing alien girl, is just minding her business aboard her cutesy and comfortable spaceship when a member of the Mafia knocks on her window. It would seem that Hat Girl cruised a little too close to a nearby planet that is home to the Mafia and they sent someone over to extort her. Since hat Girl has more important things on her mind than dealing with the Mafia, she tries to send him on his merry way, but unfortunately he’s not to keen on taking no for an answer. This spells disaster for Hat Girl when the Mafia forces his way aboard and in the process causes magical “Time Pieces” to get sucked out into space and crash to the planet below. Since these time pieces serve as fuel for her ship, Hat Girl has no choice but to go down to the planet herself in an effort to retrieve them.

With it’s silly, surreal story and charming characters, A Hat In Time is clearly influenced by the colorful 3D platformers …show more content…

The resolution of some textures are a little on the low side and the camera doesn’t always fully cooperate, but these are small niggles in the grand scheme of things. All the marketing materials describe the game as “cute-as-heck” and for once this isn’t just hyperbole. From her wonderful animations to her goofy hats, Hat Girl is a heroine that can hold her own with the best designs that the genre has to offer. We are not too sure about her nemesis, Mustache Girl, but she definitely makes for a colorful antagonist. It’s not just the visuals that are impressive either, A Hat In Time also features a great soundtrack and voice acting that is pretty decent for the most part. Controlling Hat Girl is a breeze, but wit a wide array of moves such as wall jumps, double jumping and sprinting, it is definitely the type of game that benefits from being played with an analog

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