Having Control Over Our Health Promotion Essay

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Health promotion concept has been used for many decades to enable people have proper control over their health status. Health promotion is the process of enabling individuals to have and increase control of their health to improve their livelihood. In general, health promotion concept revolves around various activities mostly aimed at decreasing the threats and dangers to health. The activities referred herein include various interventions that facilitate health promotion. The interventions include primary, secondary and tertiary levels of preventions.
Consequently, the primary interventions aim at protecting healthy people from experiencing injuries or developing diseases. It encompasses provision of education on the importance of …show more content…

Through health promotion, nurses help in creation of awareness among people on the importance of healthy living and consumption of quality foods. Such actions help in improvement of lifestyle of people.
Health promotion also helps in reduction of premature deaths. This comes through widespread of knowledge regarding the risks associated with certain substances or lifestyles among the youths. It thus aims at discouraging certain irresponsible behaviors among the youths that can lead to premature deaths in the society.
Through focus on prevention, health promotion helps in reduction of the cost that families, individuals, companies, insurance, employers and the state among others would spend in efforts to bring the affected parties to treatment.
The nursing roles are fast evolving with the duties and responsibilities of nurses drawing through a wide spectrum of health activities. Taking care of sick people has greatly evolved and become more complicated, even as hospitals get understaffed and their budgets relatively getting tighter. The aging society, alongside the increasing rates of illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity among others are a sign that the current healthcare system is dealing with complex illnesses. For this reason, today’s nursing not only cares for the sick, but also for the rest of the population that

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