Hbr Dove Case

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MBA 240
Individual Case #2

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

I. Executive Summary The Dove brand has been revitalized with the success of their “Real Beauty” campaign. Dove’s main goals are to continue to improve their brand image and gain market share. The key challenges facing top management to accomplish these goals are; building on the momentum the ‘Real Beauty’ campaign has generated, differentiating from their competition and modernizing their brand image.
I am recommending that Dove should continue to stay the current course of designing marketing campaigns to redefine what real beauty is and also push to promote more natural skin care products. Dove is able to stand out with the message they are communicating
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If the solution is able to accomplish all three of the identified criteria, Dove will improve their brand image and continue to gain market share.
Solution 1: Make a concerted effort to penetrate the growing Chinese market. Currently Dove has little exposure in the Chinese market. The Dove website doesn’t even offer a Chinese version. Dove can take current marketing practices and implement them in China, gaining global market share through a more aggressive expansion plan.
Pros: Dove will be exposed to a very large new customer base. Dove won’t have to convince customers that they are not old-fashioned due to the Chinese markets lack of prior experience with the brand. Implementation of the “Real Beauty” and “Self-Esteem” campaigns will differentiate them amongst local Chinese and other global brands.
Cons: Further penetration of the Chinese market will have considerable costs. Introducing a new brand to a large audience will cost millions of marketing dollars. In addition to the other major global leaders in the skincare industry, Dove will have to compete with local brands that have a better understanding of the market. According to Cosmeticdesign-Europe.com, in 2006 there were already over 1300 different skincare products on Chinese shelves. Olay and L’Oreal were the dominant leaders with 13.4% and 11.3% market share. There are also still unique challenges in dealing with the Chinese government.
Solution 2: Stay the current course; focus on

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