Hy Dairies Case

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➢ Who has to make recommendation/decision: Rochelle Beauport ➢ Has to do what: To decide to either confront Gilman and change what she perceives as sexist and/or racist practices or to leave the company ➢ Why: Despite improving the sales of her brand (ice cream) for Hy Dairies she believes she is being “sidelined” because the company did not want women or minorities in top level management positions. ➢ When: Within the next few days, before she is assigned to her new job. ➢ To Whom do they make recommendation: Syd Gilman Analysis A. Issues and Symptoms (cause and effects) OB issue: Potential sexist and racist practices Evidence: 1. At Beauport’s previous job she was told that women would not…show more content…
Internal Analysis of Systems, Structures, Individuals, Team, Organization Communication Issues Using the Johari Window Beauport’s goals to progress herself within marketing management are “hidden” to others including Gilman which is why he believes he is rewarding her while she believes she is a victim of sexism/racism in the workplace. There has been no effort by HY Dairies to evaluate and identify Beauport’s personal career goals. Stereotyping There are many stereotypes within this case 1. Gilman has assumed that because he held the position and it had been beneficial in his advancement within Hy Dairies that this is the best route for all employees looking to achieve that goal. 2. Because Beauport is a woman or a minority she cannot handle the responsibility of advancing in the field of marketing management. She believes this because her previous employer had this mindset. 3. The fact that she assumes she is being moved because of sexist or racist views is also stereotyping her workplace and superiors because the move is different than what she envisioned for herself Alternatives Decision Criteria

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