Health And Safety At The Workplace

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Health and safety in the workplace
Workplace safety is a major issue faced by nurses in healthcare settings. It is said that, hospitals are hazardous workplaces; unsafe workplaces are dangerous for the patients too. Today, many nurses are suffering hospital violence, heavy workloads causing serious injuries, contracting diseases caused by exposures to certain diseases, antineoplastics, and certain health care toxins, that workers bring home to their families. This in turn leads to acute staff shortages. Ample supply of nurses is very important in providing safe and timely care to the patient population. Maintaining a healthy workplace will enable the healthcare systems to control costs associated with healthcare management as well as enhancing the productivity of nurses in health care. It is estimated that creating a healthy environment in the workplace not only benefit nurses, but also benefits patients and other members of the health care team. This report explains some of the safety issues existing in health care, which directly or indirectly affects nurses as well as the health of the Canadian population.
Background Research
A study conducted on the Canadian workforce by OHSAH (2004) indicated that nurses are prone to more workplace injuries than any other occupational group. The study revealed that injury rates vary significantly by health care settings and occupation. Among the 3 categories of workers in the study (registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and care

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