Health And Wealth, Poverty, And The Way We Organize Out Health Care System

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1) According to Article 15, “Health and Wealth,” poor people tend to have shorter lives and more health problems. What are some of the reasons that this is the case? What can be done about the situation?
Article 15, “Health and Wealth,” states that some of the factors which led to poor health are inequality, poverty, and the way we organize out health care system. Even though all these factors are involved but the main reason leads to poverty. Poverty seems to be the key reason because everything costs so much. Most of the Americans are not paid enough to meet their personal need and barely have enough money to make their ends meet. The struggle of trying to be on the economic level hurts their health because people tend to take a lot of stress. Poverty has a lot of dangers like consumption of too much alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and fast foods. This sort of lifestyle can have a great impact on health causing some dangerous diseases. Some of the other leading diseases that can be found in the poor are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and untreated medical conditions, because they cannot afford the health care systems. Even the middle class society worries about medical emergencies or trips to the doctor’s office because they are not sure, what might be covered in their insurance.
2) Please summarize the ways in which our mainstream media make the issue of economic class invisible, as discussed in Article 45, “Media Magic: Making Class Invisible.”
Some of the ways in

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