Health Assessment Of The Nursing Process And Nursing Models

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Introduction This essay will evaluate the extent to which assessment is a fundamental component which adult nurses should adhere to in their everyday practice. In doing so, it will reflect on the bio psychosocial aspects of assessment and in particular the increased emphasis placed on holistic and evidence based-practice. It will give an insight on different types of assessment such as physical, risk and spiritual and various types of assessment tools used to facilitate with this process. It will also analyse why nurses commonly apply a nursing framework or model to organise the data obtained to form a health assessment. Purpose of Assessment Assessment in nursing has been determined by the problem-solving framework of the nursing process and nursing models. It is a dynamic and continuous process as clients needs change; it promotes individualized care and responds to clients in a responsible and timely manner to improve or maintain their level of health (RCN, 2004). A health assessment not only comprises of gathering health information about a patient, but also analyzing and synthesizing the information, and evaluating the effectiveness of nursing interventions on patients health care outcomes (Weber & Kelley, 2013). The purpose of a nursing health assessment is to collect holistic, subjective and objective data to determine a patient’s overall health and well-being to establish a professional clinical judgement. The nurses collect physiological, psychological,
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