Health Benefits Of Turmeric

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Here are some of the health benefits of turmeric: Turmeric helps to detoxify the liver. Has anti-cancer properties and studies have indicated turmeric stopped the growth of existing prostate cancer and kept breast cancer cells from spreading to the lungs in mice. May help to prevent melanoma Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and may work as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, making it useful for arthritis pain, allergies and other inflammation based health issues. May help slow the progression of Alzheimer's Disease Speeds metabolism and helps with weight management. In his book, Climbing Higher, actor Montel Williams talks about his struggle with multiple sclerosis and studies using turmeric to improve auto-immune disorders. …show more content…

Turmeric and other spices on could have been sitting grocery store shelves for a long time and, if they are not organic, they may not contain high amounts of curcumin, which is turmeric's active ingredient. Grocery store spices may also contain chemicals and other undesirable ingredients. Also, if you buy turmeric as a spice in a little shaker bottle, you may end up using it once in a while for cooking but you won't get enough to offer health benefits. The best turmeric for health benefits comes in capsule form. New Chapter makes Turmericforce from concentrated, organic turmeric and it comes in softgel form, which is easy to use. If you take turmeric in supplement form, you might also like to try it in cooking. Check out All Recipes for some delicious Indian style dishes containing

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