Health Care Is The Sole Factor That Determines A Person 's Health

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Health is difficult to define or to be constrained as a cause and effect relationship. It’s impossible to say genetics or environment or nutrition or even health care is the sole factor that determines a person’s health. As thousands of failed and successful interventions have shown, because there is no one cause, there can be no one solution and this is one of the aspects that fascinates me about a career in medicine.
When my medical ethics professor discussed whether or not health care is “special,” my initial reaction was that was a ridiculous question to ask. Of course health care is special, a person’s health is a major factor in determining their ability to function, contribute to society and essentially allowing them to reach their full potential. Upon further thought, I realized if I were to support health care as “special,” my support couldn’t stop there. As I learned more about the impact education, socioeconomic status, discrimination, location and the myriad of other influences have on health outcomes, my interest continued to grow. My research increased my desire to be a physician and not only be able to interact with and help individual patients but also to play a part in the work happening around the world to widen the view of health care and to improve health through creative and novel measures. Last summer during a month-long Summer International Health Fellowship in Peru, I saw first hand how special health care is and how much of a privilege it is to
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