Health Care Should Be Resolved At All Cost

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Justice is described as dealing with fairness and an equitable entitlement in distributing goods and services, as indicated by Doyle et al. 2014. When those resources are limited or scarce, deciding who gets the resources is distributive justice. The principle of primacy of patient welfare is based on the interest of the patient. The principle of patients’ autonomy, a Deontologist view, is based on respect. Physicians must be honest and respectful with their patients, and encourage them to make informed decisions about their treatment within the ethical practice.
Discrimination in health care should be resolved at all cost. If the distributive justice agrees that health care is a primary right, universal health care would be implied. …show more content…

They are entitled to choose freely what to do with their belongings, as suggested by Doyle 2014.
Egalitarian. are where individuals have equal access to goods and services. Everyone is treated as an equal with equal access of goods and services. There are two forms of systems in this health care. In the single-tier model the system provides basic health care services to members. In the two-tier model, users may choose between the basic system or pay extra to use the private system. Such examples of single tier are Canada, and two-tier is the National Health Service of the British System, as mentioned by Doyle 2014 online views. The disadvantages of the single-tier model, members cannot use their own money to obtain services when there is an extended wait for medical procedures due to low funding. The two-tier model is more advantageous.
Utilitarian. are where goods and services are provided to those who are likely to benefit the most. These terms may refer to medical utility or clinical benefits and social benefits as valued by society. Justice in the medical utility refers to medical procedures or interventions used for a patient. For example, Oregon legislation provided basic health care for all their residents, but this was established on a cost-effective system, whereas treatments may be covered or not covered based on the funding availability, according to Doyle 2014 article.
V. Ways to improve healthcare delivery
Preventive care. According to

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