Health Care System : An Organization

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The longer an individual maintains his/her health, the longer one is able to live. To do so, the health care industry plays a monumental role in every aspect of an individual being able to maintain one’s wellbeing. Looking at the words singly; health refers to the absence of disease, while care is the attention and treatment given to the breakdown of any body system due to sickness. On that note, a health care system can be defined. According to Health Care USA (2014), a health care system refers to “the complete network of agencies, facilities, and all providers of health care in a specified geographic area.” The health care system could also be termed an organized system or program through which care is made available to the population…show more content…
In general, the issue of health care is very controversial and many countries adopt several perspectives in making health care available to their citizens; some of which are encouraging, and some not too encouraging. According to the US Census Bureau (2012), 47.9 million people were uninsured for the calendar year, which is about 15.4% of the US population. Of the people that are insured, an individual spends about $8,233 per year for coverage (PBS NEWSHOUR [PBS], 2012). On the contrary, an individual in Switzerland spends around $5, 270 per year for insurance, which is about $3,000 less than the people of America (PBS, 2012). As a leader in health care research, the US needs to adapt to a health system that is cost-effective and follows the demands of the consumers, similar to that of Switzerland. We believe that the US should adopt the cost efficient scheme of Switzerland. Indeed, there are conflicting ideas regarding high healthcare cost, two of which are benefits and coverage. According to Thomas Bodenheimer, in his article, “Medicine and Public Issues: “High and Rising Health Care Costs” (2005), the high cost of healthcare is associated with “forces external to the health system, by the weakness of a competitive free market within the health system, by the rapid diffusion of new technologies, by
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