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Health Goal Final Report When contemplating what goal I should try and reach, the most influential thing I could think of was trying to do fifty consecutive push-ups within the set duration of time. By doing so, it would allow me to work on perseverance as well as motivating myself, which would positively impact other behaviors I tend to do. My goal is related to this because I am forced to persevere through the tough times when I do not think I can complete my objective, which will overall help to strengthen my focus. When I began my goal, I did not anticipate the amount of time it takes to dedicate myself to what I wanted to do. My state of change was pre-contemplation, because I had never thought how positive the impact of doing push-ups…show more content…
I will definitely have the same perspective, and try to have the same endurance as when completing this goal, because these elements were ones that we essential when doing push-ups. However, I will set a more realistic time constraint or a smaller amount of whatever I am trying to do, so I will be able to reach the original goal. Also, I may try and complete the goal at a different time, (instead of during the winter) because at some points it was difficult to motivate myself when I knew that there was no reason I needed to stay in shape other than for spring.
Overall, this assignment was interesting to accomplish, because there were times that I thought my goal was entirely unreasonable, but also times that I was proud I stayed with it. In the future, I would continue doing this assignment, but alter how to proceed with the record logs. Each one seemed similar, so, to keep the appeal, you may want to ask questions that were not always about the physical goal, but instead about how the participant was feeling mentally. Ask questions to make them think about each step of their personal journey, which may reveal new aspects of the
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