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A framework to measure the impact of investments in health research
OECD Blue Sky II Forum, September 25, 2006
Alan Bernstein, Vern Hicks, Peggy Borbey, Terry Campbell

This paper describes the approach taken by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research
(CIHR) to develop a framework and indicators to measure the impact of health research.
The development process included national and international consultations. Key methodology challenges and measurement requirements were identified. The framework that has resulted from this process includes definitions of key concepts, methodology guidelines, identification of the different stakeholders for impact information and the individual concerns of each stakeholder group. Indicators are
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The framework and draft indicators were published on the CIHR website in January
2006. 1 Since that time CIHR has been experimenting with populating some of the indicators. This has led to some refinements and updates, which are included in this paper. This paper provides a brief description of the conceptual framework and then discusses specific indicators. The discussion centres on the potential use of each indicator, availability of data and approaches that can be used to develop data that are not presently available. Illustrative examples for specific indicators are included, where possible. The next section includes a brief review of methodology challenges in measuring impact. The third section describes the CIHR framework and the last section discusses indicators chosen for the initial years of an ongoing development process.
CIHR Operating Model
CIHR Institutes
Human Development, Child and Youth
Infection and Immunity
Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis
Neurosciences, Mental Health and
Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes
Population and Public Health

Aboriginal Peoples’ Health
Cancer Research
Circulatory and Respiratory Health
Gender and Health
Health Services and Policy Research

Research Themes (Pillars)
Biomedical research
Clinical research

Health services and policy research
Population and public health research


Core Outcomes
Research &
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