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Today, a greater proportion of the population of many countries is entering older age as a result of medical and technological advances as well as improved standards of living (Goklany, 2007, World Health Organization, 2011). This establishes a significant challenge to the population as individuals, communities and governing bodies regarding health promotion, disease prevention and quality of life. Wilhelmson, Andersson, Waern and Allebeck (2005) describe quality of life as a dynamic concept and conclude that psychosocial influences are equally important with functional ability in measuring quality of life. Healthy ageing, however, is a broader concept than an absence of disease, encompassing value of lifestyle with maintenance of …show more content…
These examples show that a collaboratively created and tailored care plan for an informed and engaged individual, with timely assessments from clinicians will bring success within a self-management framework.
An individual’s functioning within the context of their environment is identified as a crucial component for health behaviour change (Nieuwenhuijsen, Zemper, miner, Epstein, 2006). In addition, primary prevention measures were recognized to allow optimal benefit for individuals’ health and overall well-being, as well as reducing use of health services. Primary measures identified within the study include cessation of smoking, adopting a healthy diet, regular exercise and prevention of secondary conditions by seeking medical advice for an existing condition. Secondary prevention measures are also acknowledged for early detection or addressing current health concerns; as well as tertiary prevention measures aiming at minimizing suffering or disability related to an existing condition. (Nieuwenhuijsen et al, 2006). Queensland Health identifies these levels of approach within Chronic Disease Guidelines 3rd Edition (2010) as contributing to promoting health and disease prevention by engaging organisations to work jointly at national, state and local levels. The guidelines focus on risk and protective factors, addressing lifestyle, behavioural and equity issues while

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