Health Promotion Model Essay

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This essay will critically analyse and reflect upon a health promotion activity that took place with a middle aged woman who has a drug addiction. It will provide a definition, comparing and evaluating what health is. This essay will demonstrate an understanding of the relevant up to date epidemiology. A health promotion policy will be discussed and evaluated; this policy is reducing drug misuse and dependence. The determinants of health such as social circumstances will be discussed and explained why they may be contributing to unhealthy behaviours. A number of health promotion models will be critically analysed giving an explanation as to why one model has been chosen to be used in this health promotion activity. Specific areas of the model will be discussed in detail on how it was applied in practice and its …show more content…

Cannabis is the most commonly used drug, with 6.4% of adults aged 16 to 59 using it in the past year (NICE), 2014). Heroin/morphine remains the substances most frequently involved in drug poisoning deaths (Office of National Statistics, 2014). 765 deaths involved heroin/morphine in 2013; this is an increase of 32% (Office of National Statistics, 2014). This health promotion intervention was important as drug abuse is having a huge impact on the patient, her family, friends and people around her. The health promotion activity was carried out to have an end result of the patient being drug free. This health promotion intervention was a necessity as her drug use has become a major issue, causing serious damage to the patient, such as circulatory problems, including vein and artery damage (Ewles, 2005). This is why the health promotion activity was undertaken to improve the patient’s quality of life, to help them to stop abusing drugs and lead a healthier

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