Health Reflection Paper

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A thirty year old woman named Mary Nelson was involved in a motor vehicle accident and fracturing her jaw, left ulna, and left femur in the process. She has a lack of appetite because she does not like the taste of the prescribed liquid supplements and her jaw being wired shut. She is unable to communicate with other people and gets frustrated when no one is able to understand her. Also, she has a hard time moving places and standing up on her own because she fractured her left leg, arm, and hand. As the physician assistant of the team, I will examine, diagnose her injuries and illnesses, and provide treatment as she recovers from her accident. Physician assistants are part of the healthcare team who practice medicine with licensed physicians and provide primary care or specialized surgical care to patients. Their work in the hospital includes taking medical histories, order and interpret laboratory test and X-rays, and prescribe medications. They can also record progress notes, instruct and counsel patients, and order or carry out therapy. As the physician assistant of the team, I will able to give information to Ms. Nelson and answer her questions because I will have the most information about her health. After Ms. Nelson’s surgery, she lost a lot of weight because she is not able to eat properly due to her jaw being wired shut. I want to help Ms. Nelson to recover quickly so, she can take care of her son and go back to work. One of my goals for Ms. Nelson is to help

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