Health Triangle Research Paper

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Making healthy choices can affect your future. Making healthy life choices means focusing on all aspects of the health triangle. The three aspects of the health triangle are physical, mental and social health. We need all of these to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The aspect is physical health. Many people think physical is the most important but that’s simply a myth! All the sides of the triangle are equally important. Eating healthy and exercising are vital to your physical health. Everyone needs to exercise frequently. Exercising keeps your heart healthy and reduces the risk of cardiac arrest and other heart diseases. Working out also helps blood pump through our body which strengthens your muscles. All of us eat out at fast food restaurants …show more content…

Moderation is key when it comes to healthy eating. We should aim to eat fruits and veggies everyday, get enough protein and not eat a bunch of carbs. Once in a while it’s okay to treat ourselves with our favorite snack or some delectable pizza! Also if we didn’t exercise and only ate right or vice versa our weight would fluctuate and we wouldn’t be able to maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is something adolescent boys and girls struggle with. Some adults struggle with it too! If you are excessively thin it can lead to many health related issues. Some are strokes and seizures. These occur because the person might be malnourished, or has unhealthy eating patterns or exercises too much. Being overweight is not worst than being anorexic. They both take a toll on your well-being. Being overweight has multiple effects on your health. Being obese means you are vulnerable to diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Different factors lead to obesity such as, if it runs in your family, eating too much food or not exercising often. The last thing is being clean! Washing your hands after using the bathroom and after you've came home from work or school. …show more content…

Everyone needs social interaction. They need that one friend or family member that they trust and can talk to. Loved ones are there for comfort and support. If you keep everything bottled up you could fall into depression. Being near family and friends is important also. Once our parents left us with our aunt for two weeks. I took care of my younger siblings. My little sister cried because she missed them. My aunt was always there comforting us and making us feel better. Being a nice person is also very vital for both mental and social health. If you are mean and rude or obnoxious no one would like to be near you. Having a bad character might also get you into trouble. So it is important to have a lovely character.
All these categories add up to your overall well being. The things you do, say, and eat affect your future. So make sure to make wise, healthy

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