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“Social Care is a profession committed to the planning and delivery of quality care and other support services for individuals and groups with identified needs. Social Care Worker plans and provides professional individual or group care to clients with personal and social needs”. (Share, 2009). In this essay I have been asked to research an area in social care that I am interested in. I am also asked to explore the role of a social care worker in my chosen area. I have defined social care and a social care worker. I will research an organisation or service that provides help and support to my chosen area. I will talk about a few different hospitals around the country and how they help and support the clients. I will discuss mental health …show more content…

Its HSE area is mid Leinster. It is the mental health service for Longford and Westmeath. There are four wards in the hospital; Admission Unit which takes in 24 clients at a time, St. Edna’s ward, St. Brigid’s ward and St.Marie Goretti ward. There are 81 beds in the hospital. Each resident has an individual care plan which is done by the social care worker. The client would stay here for as long as they need under the supervision of doctors, nurses and social care workers. Also, if they are taking some medication prescribed by a doctor, they are under the supervision of staff. A social care worker in psychiatric care starts by working with a care plan and it should be led by the user of the service. If there is a carer involved they work with the social care worker and help put the plans together. They make sure that there is correct accommodation and that the community in which the client is going back into is safe and suitable for their state of mind at that time. Social care workers provide some brief on therapeutic sessions through basic CBT (Clinical Behavioural Therapy). The necessary qualities and skills that a social care worker should have are to have the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, have good research skills and to be able to solve problems in a variety of situations. Social care workers should be reliable, trustworthy, and should show empathy, compassion and maturity towards

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