Health and Social Care Unit 5

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Unit 5 Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in health and social care 1.1, 1.2 Physical Abuse Physical abuse is abuse involving contact intended to cause feelings of intimidation, pain, injury, or other physical suffering or bodily harm.. Physical abuse includes... * Hitting / slapping / kicking * Pushing * Pinching * Force feeding * Burning / scalding * Misuse of medication or restraint * Catheterisation for the convenience of staff * Refusing access to toilet facilities * Leaving people in wet or soiled clothing or bedding Signs and symptoms of physical abuse... * Multiple bruising or finger marks * Fractures/dislocations * Scratches or cuts * Pressure sores * Black eyes…show more content…
Signs and symptoms of institutional abuse... * Inability to make choices or decisions * Dirty clothing/bed linen * Un-homely living conditions Self neglect Self neglect is where individuals place themselves at risk of harm and potential danger. Self neglect abuse includes... * Increasing infirmity * Physical illness or disability * Memory and concentration problems * Sensory loss or difficulty * Mental illness and mental health problems * Learning difficulties/disabilities * Alcohol and drug misuse problems * A different set of priorities and perspectives Signs and symptoms of Self neglect abuse... * Loss of weight * living environment is dirty and unhygienic * pressure sores * dehydration * malnutrition Neglect by others Neglect by others occurs when either a support worker or a family or friend carer fails to meet someone’s support needs as they do not realise its importance, or because they cannot be bothered, or choose not to provide it. Neglect by others abuse
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