Unit 4222-366 Understand and meet the nutritional requirements of individuals with dementia (DEM 302)

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Unit 205 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care Outcome 1 1&2) Physical abuse is typically described as the use of physical force against another person that may in turn cause injury, pain or impairment. This type of abuse could be perform with or without an object. possible signs of physical abuse may include the following; bruising other marks on the skin nervous behaviour depression unexplainable weight loss Sexual abuse is the forced and undesired sexual behaviour from one person onto another and/or sexual activity that can be deemed as inappropriate and/or harmful possible signs of sexual abuse may include the following; bruising withdrawing from friends or family an unexplainable change in behaviour …show more content…

These are as follows; you must assume, without discrimination, that the individual is telling the truth. you must speak to them in a calm and sensitive way (one would do so at all other times, but this is currently even more important) you must reassure the individual that they were right to tell of the abuse records must be taken of what has been said by the individual; these records must also include the date, time and place you must do your upmost best to reassure the individual as well as you can, and tell them that you have to pass the delicate information on you MUST ALWAYS follow your policies and procedures you must call for medical attention if it is needed (e.g. the doctor or emergency services if warranted) you must inform your supervisor immediately (e.g. the nurse in charge, the home manager, or any other person in a more senior position to yourself) if the alleged abuse is of a criminal matter (e.g. assault, rape), then the police will need to be called. If there is any doubt, then you should refer to the policies and procedures or (again) speak to your supervisor or any other senior member of staff there are some simple ways to ensure that any suspected evidence is preserved. plastic bags can be used to store potential evidence and will allow the evidence to go uncontaminated if there is a risk of it becoming so. avoiding entering the area where the abuse is suspected to have happened to avoid contamination of any other

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