Healthcare Challenges in the US

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Some of the key problems facing healthcare are as follows;
Shortage of nursing staff
Rising cost of medical supplies
Uninsured patients
There may not be one solution to all these problems but we can say with certain degree of conviction that introduction of technology in healthcare facilities around the country can significantly affect the future of healthcare and that too, in a very positive way. It may not completely resolve the above mentioned challenges, but it will certainly shrink the magnitude of these problems. We can explain this with some simple examples. While the ideal solution for shortage of nurses would be having more nursing but that is not a good solution if we think about the accompanying costs associated with hiring additional staff. For this reason if technology is incorporated in many ways, it can reduce the manual workload and hence free existing staff to do what they really should be doing i.e. providing focused care to patients.
Similarly more technology can bring down costs in the long run as we can track supplies and suppliers and then order from the ones offering lowest prices with highest quality. This can bring down costs which can be transferred to patients who will have lower medical bills to take care of. This can also tackle the problem of uninsured…
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