Healthcare Professionals : Understanding Barriers And Communication

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This booklet will be supporting healthcare professionals in understanding barriers to communication and how to overcome them. In this booklet, we will have a number of examples (or scenarios) of barriers and easy to use strategies of how we can support patients in different circumstances. In addition to this booklet, the strategies to overcome different barriers will also be evaluated. A barrier blocks things and stops them ‘getting through’. Scenario 1 A manager confronting an employee in front of colleagues in a staff room. Confronting an employee in front of colleagues is an abuse of power. An abuse of power is where a care worker or a manager deliberately controls and manipulates others. According to ‘The General Social Care …show more content…

For example: “Michael, I want to talk with you about your behavior towards the service user and the effect it’s having on the reputation of yourself and this team. I noticed you were ignoring the needs of the service user by not responding appropriately and also saying sentences that were not in conjunction to her needs.’’ Furthermore, It is crucial not to use words such as “you’re unprofessional, ridiculous, etc’’ when a manager is stating an issue. The more objective the manager can make it, the less likely the employee can become defensive and ashamed in front of his/her colleague. Secondly, It is important for the manager to maintain a good posture between himself and the employee. The way in which we face other people can also communicate emotional messages. Standing or sitting face-to-face with the employee may send a message that he is being formal or angry. A slight angle can create a more relaxed and friendly feeling. Review of the Strategies With consideration to the first strategy of showing respect to the employee, this can be evidenced to be working through, one-to-one sessions with employees. In these sessions, the manager could practically provide constructive criticism. Additionally, an organisation would implement specific policies regarding respect and equality in the workplace. These can be improved through quarterly or annual reviews of how disciplinary procedures are being followed, but most

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