My Health Policy Framework And The Affordable Care Act

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Understanding the complex structure of the many health care subsystems in the United States goes a long way to explaining why it is often so hard to get anything done or to create change; a system this complicated does not move quickly or easily—or sometimes, at all. Understanding that the system is made up of multiple separate and unconnected collections of financing and provision of care reveals how difficult it is to carry out any reasonable system-wide planning for the entire system and the entire population (Williams, Torrens, 2007). For these reasons the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the first of its kind in American history, may change the way policy is implemented in the future. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was the first policy to be implemented while breaking almost all of the old legislative rules about communication and public comment and consumption.
This paper will critique both my health policy framework and the Affordable Care Act. The paper will outline my small successes and focus on the ineffectiveness of my prior policy framework through an analysis of the Affordable Care Act implementation. While highlighting my framework failures, I will provide some modifications for success using the Affordable Care Act as the guiding policy.
Affordable Care Act Analysis
It’s common knowledge that there are problems with United States health care system. First and foremost, the prior fragmented United States healthcare system did not
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