Healthier Foods Is Not A Good Solution

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Healthier foods in school Are you tired of going to the school’s cafeteria after four class periods of intense working, but the only thing you see is fried, disgusting food? Health requirements have recently become a major problem in almost every Elementary, Middle and High school. Students are only consuming fried or unhealthy meals that negatively affect the student’s general life. The government should pass a law regulating the food served in schools because it increases obesity possibilities in teens, schools serve hormonally mutated food, and cafeterias use money of the government to prepare and buy their food. Many people may argue that banning junk food in schools is not a good solution to anything. George Mateljan, a strong believer of fast food being healthy, strongly defends his opinion by stating “It’s really not surprise that unhealthy foods often taste better than Healthy food”(1). In fact, according to many researches, about one full third of students in the U.S. prefer to waste their money on greasy, fast food. The american students may think they are doing the correct thing to do because it’s cheaper and delicious to most of the people. However, healthy foods can be cheaper and even easier to prepare than fast food when you know what meals are appropriate. Some scientist studying the common life agreed that, “Eating and Cooking healthy doesn 't have to break the bank”(Holegun 1). In other words, if a food regulation was passed reducing the amount of fast

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