Healthlite Yogurt Company

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Improving Healthlite Yogurt Company with
Information Systems Technology

Chris Davis, Michael Jorgensen, Sean Roach

Business 310: Information Systems Technology
Dr. Myers December 14, 2006
Objectives of this Report Our group will be acting as consultants to Healthlite Yogurt Company to help them to redesign their business processes for sales, marketing, and order processing using information systems technology in an effort to make the company more competitive. Our report includes • An overview of the organization • Analysis of the company’s key problems • An overall management plan for improving Healthlite’s business processes and system • A listing of major changes required to achieve our plan •
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Around 500,000 order tickets are put into the system per week and daily orders are sent every evening to processing sites where shipping managers transport the goods to the client distributors. This process is often delayed by breakdowns with their fax machines and difficulties handling the large amount of paperwork. It takes 4-14 days for the products to reach their destination, which has been problematic due to their short shelf-life. The long delivery time is a weakness of Healthlite which local competition is currently exploiting. In addition, finances are being affected by the disorganization of the system, causing annual accounting discrepancies of $1.5 million. Due to the lack of organization in Healthlite’s database, the company’s management is very limited in its ability to analyze sales and marketing data to make good decisions for the company regarding product planning, pricing decisions, advertising and promotional campaigns, market potential forecasting, new product development. It is also more difficult for them to evaluate the effectiveness of current products and advertising and the performance of sales representatives in different regions. Finally, the company’s website is lack-luster and has untapped potential that Healthlite wishes to take advantage of. Currently, has not benefited them in marketing their products and is of little or no use to their target consumers (local and large chain grocers).
Our Overall
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