Healthy Aging Research Paper

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Human beings are always bound to make lifestyle choices in early life stages; these choices can have a positive or negative impact to a person's aging process later in life.

Keeping a better healthy aging that reflects youthful fountain is more than inheriting a good gene. Studies shows that genes accounts for only a third of better healthy aging .

The remaining parts depends on efforts to make a careful better healthy aging. Below are tips to help an individual to achieve better healthy aging.

1.Maintain a good brain health-When an individual maintains his/her short and long-term memories in good shape in old age, it is a result of a good brain exercise, fresh environmental air, diet-that positively impacts a person's chemicals on the brain. …show more content…

This is also good for those who are less than 65 year old.

Reduce red meat-Studies shows that people who consume a high amount of red meat, are prone to suffer from certain types of cancer than those who make it an occasional indulgence. It further shows that red meat is safer when consumed once a week.

This is because red meat has a high tendency to boost risk of contacting cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer, diabetes as a result of high iron levels and clogged arteries due to its saturated fat. A person is safe to replace red meat with (tempeh) organic soy foods, Poultry, or fish.

Get more Vitamin D-Studies shows that lower or lack of vitamin D in the blood vessels places an individual at a higher risk of early death from different causes. This is because vitamin D in the body of aging person is a major inhibitor against more aging related ailments.

Having enough vitamin D in the body is a sure protection against high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, and certain cancers. Best sources of Vitamin D include fortified milk, eggs, fish, and …show more content…

Maintain fish diet-Omega 3 components like (dacosahexaenoic acid (DPA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) found in fatty fish like salmon, herring, trout and tuna are important in better healthy aging. Studies show that they can help to cut to lower risk of heart attacks and heart diseases. Those who eat these fish regularly for at least thrice a week have lower brain lesions risk associated with dementia and stroke.

These two Omega 3 fatty acid are good for better healthy aging, for they protect eyes blindness and reduces by 50 percent risk to developing muscular age-related degeneration. It is good for an individual to take at least two servings' of fatty rich fish in Omega-3 per week.

Think positively- Studies shows that maintaining a happy mood or lifestyle protects a person from falling ill. Satisfaction and happiness plays a big role on lifespan.

Researchers show that cheerfulness outlook extends life by reducing fewer long-term health concerns.A person achieves this by hanging around with happy people, meditating, applying stress-management to boost

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