Healthy Habits In America

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Keeping healthy habits in America can be very tough. Most of the people in the US wake up early rushing to work and barely have time to make a decent meal for breakfast. During lunch, fast food is the first option on the list, do in the short time given by the companies to eat. Usually, everyone cares about their job so much that putting their duties before their needs is more important. For example, if a project must be done by a certain time, the employs rather starve than fall out of schedule. It does not matter the longevity of the hours taken by it but, the point is to finish on time. However, skipping break can speed up the process of more efficient result at the end of the day. Nor the boss or employees care about the consequences of …show more content…

I was playing football during that time so, my coach would tell me to eat as much as I could during the day, even late at night. Macaroni and cheese was my favorite meal at any time. I remember waking up during the night, dreaming about food, gone to the kitchen, serve myself a big meal and then went back to sleep. Dinner should be at least two hours before going to bed, that way the body has time to digest the food and not store it as fat. At the time, I was careless about been a big man, my team mates used to call me (big man juicy fruit). Lifting heavy at the gym was my specialty, due to the large meals I would have for lunch. After several doctors’ appointments, I found that my cholesterol and blood pressure were going up as the time went by. The doctor opened my eyes to see the danger that I was walking in to by eating like a …show more content…

The decision lead to a drastic life changing experience, I felt the joy of winning such a complicated battle. Everyone looked up to me the same way they did before but with a lot more respect. My body fat went down to 10 percent and all the girls were going crazy with my six-pack. It was time to do something different so I took advantage of my new body and started modeling. I built myself a portfolio with numerous pictures taken by a professional photographer. New doors opened at my disposition and got a 5-year contract by (K2models) modeling

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