Healthy Public Policy And Environment

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In the current fast paced lifestyle, it is important to create health awareness among people in order to improve the overall well being and health of the community. As per O’Donnell (2009), Health Promotion can be defined as “the art and science of directing people to establish the synergies between their lifestyle and their health, enhancing their motivation and supports people to change their lifestyle to strive for an optimal health, thus increasing the overall well being at community and national level”. Optimal health can be described as a harmonious blend of spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual health(O’ Donnell,2009).Health status is beyond the control of a individual, thereby, the focus of improving health is diverted to the role of health public policy and environment. Healthy public policy plays an important role in fabricating supportive environments to aid people to lead a healthy lifestyle. The central goal of this policy in collaboration with WHO has been on health promotion (Tones & Green, 2004).Health promotion is a result of three factors 1) effectiveness of initiative 2) penetration of initiative into community 3) sustainability of the initiative. Health promotion initiative focuses to improve public health by modifying the risk factors (Hawe, Noort, King & Jordens, 1997). BACKGROUND
The importance of health promotion and health education is rising because of the proved research that most of the health issues are related
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