Healthy Relationships Research Paper

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Angelica Bravo
December 2, 2015
Aaron Bannister
Final Essay
A relationship is a commitment a person makes when making the decision of being with that person. Just like any relationship there is going to be good times and bad times but the reason why we have unhealthy relationships is because we get used to having our relationship a certain way that we don’t bother to put any effort into making it better. There seems to be a trend that most couples are only romantic and sweet in the beginning and then once they get use to another they forget about all that. No one who loves someone would ever want to see them go because of things that they could have easily changed if the wanted to. Having healthy relationships is important to end all these divorces and break ups. To have a healthy relationship there has to be good communication, respect, and support. Communication can solve multiple problems, but that is what many couples don’t do. For the majority of the time the conflicts are based of simple
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When being in a relationship nobody wants to be with someone who always puts them down and never encourages them to keep going and follow their dreams. As said in the love is respect website, “Offer reassurance and encouragement to your partner. Also, let your partner know when you need their support. Healthy relationships are about building each other up, not putting each other down.” What everyone wants to hear is encouragement when they are having the most trouble whether that is at work, school, hobby, etc. A simple “Keep going or Don’t give up you can do it” can go along way especially coming from someone you love because most of the time people in relationships quit whatever they are striving due to lack of support. Healthy relationships never let their partner give up on something they want they always keep pushing them until they accomplish
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