Hearing Loss Among Individuals : Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Essay

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This literature review addresses the impact of hearing assistive technology and advanced testing that touches the lives of adolescences in educational settings who have a hearing disorder, affecting their life dramatically. Hearing loss is a common impairment and approximately “one in twenty-two newborns in the US” are born with a form of this communication disorder (McCoy, 2016). A hearing disorder is an “impaired […] sensitivity of the physiological auditory system” […] that can be “classified according to difficulties in detection, […] comprehension, and perception of auditory information” (Block, 2016). There are two classifications of hearing loss among individuals: deaf and hard of hearing (Block, 2016). Discussion 1 In 2013, Nelson et al. conducted a study examining the use of sound-field amplification and personal frequency-modulated (FM) systems in preschool classrooms. There is limited research exploring the benefits of using hearing assistive technology in preschool populations (Nelson, 2013). Cognitive and linguistic development is heightened during preschool years; therefore the purpose of this study is to examine advantages and disadvantages of aiding a child’s academic performance with either the use of sound-field or personal hearing assistive technology (Nelson, 2013). Methods The study consisted of 306 cross-sectional surveys that were distributed to “162 public and private deaf education administrators throughout all regions of the United States”
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