Heart Of Darkness Savagery Essay

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Through this journey two similar men one of which leaves and changes while gone and the other comes back the same. In part II of the book Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, one of the main themes I found interesting among the others was savagery and humanity. Savagery to me is the internal struggle of someone who is crazy and uncivilized that has slowly developed to be this way after a long period of time. A man named Marlow is a civilized man who travels to the Congo so that he is able to meet Kurtz and go on his intended adventure he was seeking for. Later, a man named Kurtz is introduced and he was a civilized man who had left his fiancee home so that he was able to sail away to help spread imperialism to foreign lands. Some of the different literary devices found in this passage are what ultimately bring it to life. Kurtz who had come to the congo awhile ago wanted to bring imperialism but his savagery got the best of him and when a proper London man Marlow appears in search of more to life than luxury and adventure. From the intense wilderness changing Kurtz to the natives trying to protect him and his generosity. As Kurtz changed, “The wilderness had patted him on the head, and behold, it was like a ball--and ivory ball; it had caressed him, and-lo!-he had withered; it had taken him, loved him, embraced him, got into his brains,…show more content…
The intense wilderness changed Kurtz while the natives tried to protect him and his generosity. Kurtz knew his road would be tough so he started claiming everything so it would be his to keep. Marlow, unlike Kurtz, was civilized, well mannered, and a sane person. The savagery and humanity is an idea most people can wrap their minds around but each person has a different way of interpreting the definition to their own
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