Heat Stroke Research Papers

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A heatstroke is when your body is overheated, this happens when you are outside in the sun for too long. When you are out in the sun for too long, your body can become too heated which causes a heat stroke. A heat stroke is more likely to happen when you are exercising outside or participating in an athletic event, you begin to sweat more and this can worsen your condition. Stroke means a blockage or barrier of the blood flow. This is dangerous because a heat stroke is said to be the most dangerous illness that is related to sun exposure. If you are having a heat stroke, you need to have medical assistance, this is recommended to help improve your condition. If you are not treated quickly, this could damage your health, including your heart, …show more content…

If a person detects that they may be on the verge of having a heat stroke, then they need to immediately stay out of the heat's direction or under the shade. The person should drink enough water to cool them off. Soda or any alcohol/caffeine drinks are not recommended because this can make the situation worse.
Now, if you think that someone else may be having a heat stroke, you need to immediately call the emergency services. Most of the steps you take to treat or prevent a heat stroke is the same as if you were to have a heat stroke. There are possible side effects if someone has a heat stroke, some side effects are blood clots, kidneys issues, and lungs effects. A heat stroke can cause your lungs to have an inflammation. Age does not have any effect on the chance of having a heat stroke.
You can also get a heat stroke if you are in a vehicle for too long, the heat inside the car can be risky to your health. This could be deadly result if your happen to have a heat stroke. Researchers have said that in 2-11, around 500 kids have died from a heat stroke by a hot vehicle. Many children have died because parents leave in the car or forget about their kids staying in the car which can be

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