Heather Field's Oil Productoin in the North Region of the North Sea

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Since then more than 17 million barrels of oil have been produces by this field. This report is focusing on block B of the field which is located east of the field. It consist of 6 wells, H-11/11Z, H-13, H-17, H-23, H-43 and H-44.
Summary of Block-B Wells
Block B is located at the eastern most fault block in the Heather Field. The block consist of 6 wells which have been producing oil since Jun 1980 to March 1997 with a total of 6,848,902 barrels. H-11 is the deepest well in block-B consisting of 5 layers with TVD of 10935 ft. The well have been producing 743,553 barrels of oils in its lifetimes. Production of the well start on 1980 and the stop in February 1981 because the well been converted to NGL injector. The well then again converted to production again in September 1982. On March 1983 the well change its name to H-11Z. The wells finally shut in on May 1998.
H-13 is one of the well in Block-B, consisting of 4 layers with TVD of 10418. The well production start on September 1980 and have been producing 2,493,835 barrels of oil. On April 1997, the well have been suspended because of leak in the slab seal.
The other well in Block-B is H-17 and only producing for short period of times. The production start on Jun 1981 and stop on May 1982. In its 11 month production, the well produce 212,786 barrels of oil. The well is converted to injection…

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