Hebrews : A Thoroughly Rich And Encouraging Sermon

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The book of Hebrews is a thoroughly rich and encouraging sermon/letter that stands out among the epistles because of its profoundness. Regardless of its unknown author and unidentified recipients, the book contains so much affluent theology that its authenticity should not be questioned. Beginning differently than other letters, Hebrews starts off like a sermon instead of with the usual salutations. Because of many connections with Rome, many intellectuals believe the destination of Hebrews was Rome. Scholars have many ideas as to the author; the early church attributed it to Paul because they desired to canonize it and it contained many similarities to his other letters. However, after further examination of the text is done, it is clear…show more content…
This is also the first indication that Jewish Christians received this letter. The author also identifies Christ as the firstborn of God, which holds meaning in the Jewish culture since they identify firstborns as privileged and superior. He also identifies Christ as the High Priest who purifies us of our sins which was the role first century high priests. Jewish people also viewed high priests as the highest human authority and mediator between them and God; therefore, the author is establishing Jesus as the now highest authority and intercessor. After establishing Christ’s position, the author transitions into a warning to pay attention to the truth. The recipients of this letter were under persecution and spiritually exhausted. Therefore, the author knew it would be tempting for them to revert back to their old ways under those conditions. The author also establishes Christ’s superiority over angels as well as every other created thing. The word that Jesus is in control of everything, even the angels, serves as encouragement for the recipients who are undergoing such hard circumstances. He also confirms Christ having been full human with the ability and experience to relate to our sufferings and temptations (2:14-18). This also would have been comforting to a group of people who may have felt alone in their sufferings. Another example where the text appears geared
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