Hebrews And Its Impact On The World Essay

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Life, as it is, has really greatly regressed since the age of the Biblical times, until one would wonder if the Word of God still has root in the life of man in this current generation. This essay aims to answer the question, “What is the major theme of Hebrews and does it apply to the individual Christian today?” While looking keenly into the Book of Hebrews, this essay will highlight the major theme of the epistle, and bring into perspective the practicality of the Word of God in the life a Christian today. Lastly, It will breakdown to detail who a modern-day Christian is, what his life principles are, and lastly if the theme of Hebrews is applicable with his life today. The Book of Hebrews is one of the most significant books in the whole New Testament. It boasts of the purest form of Greek in linguistic nature, and not just that, but also its formation and delivery of its logical arguments are some of the most well-thought-out and well coordinate of all literature. The epistle, however, has taken center stage in unending confrontations, and even sometimes violent debates over generations in regards to who the author of this incredible Book might be. Biblical scholars, having studied the Bible in great depths, seem not to agree on who is responsible. Unfortunately for them, the Book itself does not give any reference or indication to its mysterious writer. Some scholars suggest that Apollos is the writer of this Book given his background credentials, but a majority

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