Helen Keller: A True Hero

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I believe a hero is a person that strives to do better for those who look up to them. Being a hero is not about the attention but the positivity you bring. A hero is someone who is able to overcome numerous obstacles without always wanting to quit or give up. Heroes are people that are able to prove that they are confident and brave to those around them. Helen Keller was one of the first handicapped people to rise above all the complications she faced. Her care for others as well as herself lead her to a well respected lifestyle.

Helen Keller encountered a horrible illness when she was only a child. Helen and her family received the terrible news about her at such a young age. Knowing that Keller was about to face a dangerous fever that lead …show more content…

Helen was an inspiration to many people that shared the same challenges as her. Striving to do better, Helen overcame her life obstacles of being blind, deaf, and mute. It showed that she was devoted to bettering herself as well as her lifestyle.

Helen wanted more for the handicapped and those who had the same struggles. Bettering the lifestyle for many whom have hassled while going through their difficult tasks. Helen was a great impact to many people. She showed devotion and confidence to those who wanted to give up. The fact that she did not giving up but continued to strive to do what she felt was right for her generation was very inspirational. Helen’s care for others was tremendous, she wanted better for everyone.

Therefore, a hero is a brave person that enjoys helping others and creating a great lifestyle for himself and whom may follow. Becoming a hero means becoming a grateful and charismatic person that is willing to make a change. A hero is someone that will always be remembered for the positivity they bring. Helen Keller was a remarkable person that wanted more for people like her. She wanted more of the things she believed

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