Herb Gardening Essay

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Herb gardening is the most interesting and curios for the kids as senses are engaged thoroughly. Gardens are great motivators with nice smell and cool feeling. However these herbs were the first cure for the early peoples as medicine and used as food preservatives and cosmetics. In winter, you can encourage your kids to cultivate herbs in a windowsill who shows garden enthusiasts. To start a herb garden all you need is a sunny place, soil containers and selected herbs. Culinary herb is the excellent selection as it is easy to grow and maintain. If you have limited space or no space in your backyard then you can grow the herbs in windowsill. It is the best place for the kid gardening. To give knowledge of…show more content…
Herbs have wonderful visual traits with fabulous smell and test. How to plant Herbs: While growing herbs keep in mind the interest of the children. You can use themes and choose the easy growing herb in windowsill, container, gardens and in a classroom. You can grow herbs from seeds or from cuttings of plant. The common way to grow herbs is from seeds which keep the kids interested. Herb seeds can be sprinkled in a pot or cup and cover they lightly with soil. Spray water on the soil and cover it with any cling film and put it in a sunny place. When seeds start to sprout remove the thin film. After the herb is grown larger the kids can transplant it to outdoor garden. The soil of the garden should be well drained and located in the sunny area. Selection of Herbs: There are various types of herbs you can grow in your garden with your kids. Chives, basil, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm and tarragon are some of the best herbal vinegars used in herb gardening. Sage is used to color hair in older days. Oregano, parsley and savory are found in the category of colonial herbs. Culinary herbs are also favorite of the kids include garlic, parsley, fennel with nice flavor. Herbal tea can also be grown in the herb garden. Lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile and spearmint are grown as herbal teas. Soil: The soil should have good drainage, good texture and the plot should get minimum of
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