Essay about Heritage Assessment

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There are various cultures in the world. Cultural diversity has brought cross cultural interactions beyond geographical boundaries. Every culture has values and beliefs which reflects cultural and social influences, relationships, and personal needs in an individual. Health cultural values “shape human behaviors and determine what individuals will do to maintain their health status, how they will care for themselves, and others who become ill, and where and from whom they will seek health care” (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Transcultural nursing is a practice to transform health care and help people of diverse cultures. An analysis of Leninger's vision for the work of transcultural nursing indicates that there are many barriers and …show more content…

It is important for the health care professionals to understand the importance of values and beliefs of the people that come for health care needs to an institution. Heritage Assessment tool is a checklist used by health care professionals to understand the client’s diverse traditions, values and beliefs in all aspects of maintaining, protecting, and restoring of health (Blais & Hayes, 2011). The first discussion is on the Asian East Indian heritage. The majority of Indians continue to practice and maintain customs, traditions, and values acquired in India prior to immigrating to the US. Indians are very family oriented and have strong ties with relatives and extended families. The elderly are taken care of by the son in the family. This is not only a responsibility but also demonstrates respect for the older. Indians believe that the actual wealth lies in the individual’s optimal health, and there is a very close relationship between body, mind, and soul. Indians are religious and practice their religion with honor. Indians tend to respect the authority of health care providers and feel their own role is passive. They have high tolerance to pain. Clients and families expect the provider to be confident in proposing treatment plan. If variety of choices of treatment is offered, the provider may be considered to be incompetent. Indian clients prefer to have same sex health care providers to take

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