Hiatt, Hannah. Mrs. Fingarson. English 11. March 13, 2017.

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Hiatt, Hannah Mrs. Fingarson English 11 March 13, 2017 Junior Research Project: Negative Impact Social Media Has On Society The average person spends about 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing on social media per day. That is 700 minutes per week, 3,000 minutes per month and 36,000 minutes per year. Most people don’t realize they are wasting these 600 hours per year just looking at their phone. The use of social media has been shown to influence and persuade people greatly in a negative manner. Although social media is one of the largest used platforms and is an easy source of communication, it has far more negative attributes. Social media affects society negatively through danger, invasion of privacy, vulnerability to falsified news.…show more content…
Moreover, teens and adults can be charged with possession of distributing child pornography, even if the they had taken and posted the media themselves. Commentary Another example of criminal charges would be the act of criminals using these sites to recruit members into their gangs or coordinate to commit violent crimes. Things like posting about vacation plans or sharing a current location make it easy for criminals to attack. Social media accounts are used to express all of the same drives and impulses behind in-person social interactions; which includes negative impulses such as bullying. Social media makes users available to predators and perpetrators who can anonymously pose as other people-“catfishing”, which is when one poses as someone who they are not to lure their victims. According to the National School Boards Association (NSBA), “49.5% of students reported being victims of bullying online”. They can terrorize others by using photos of anyone and using any of the information they posted about themselves as well; tricking their victims and causing harm to the identity holder. Being convinced you’re talking to someone else through the internet is very misleading. Hiding behind these internet personas are a common occurrence. These online attacks can leave deep mental scars and have driven victims to suicide. A 2012 Consumer Reports Survey showed that over 800,000 minors were

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